How to Select All-Occasion Gift-Wrapping Supplies

1,  Determine your gift-wrapping supply needs by considering the types of gifts you give throughout the year and the gift-giving occasions that you celebrate. Does most of your gift giving occur during the winter holiday season, with a few adult birthday gifts given throughout the year? Do you have a child who attends many birthday parties throughout the year?
2,  Search the Internet for discount gift-wrapping supplies as well as unusual wrapping papers, boxes, and gift cards and tags.
3,  Visit craft stores, party supply stores and greeting card shops to get an idea of the gift-wrapping supplies that are available. Look for sales and purchase needed gift-wrapping supplies in bulk.
4,  Purchase the bulk of your holiday wrapping supplies for one year during the previous year's post-holiday sales. You may not be used to planning that far ahead, but most holiday gift-wrapping supplies can be purchased for up to 75 percent off the regular price at these post-holiday sales.
5,  Purchase a package or two of blank greeting cards or all-occasion card packs to keep with your gift-wrapping supplies. These will come in handy for forgotten birthdays or last-minute occasions.
6,  Keep tissue paper and an assortment of gift bags and boxes on hand. Tissue paper can be used with either bags or boxes and comes in a variety of colors.
7,  Keep gift-wrapping supplies together in a plastic container. Make sure that scissors and cellophane tape are kept with your supplies. If you do a lot of gift giving during the winter holiday season, keep a separate box of supplies just for the holidays.
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