How to Make Tissue Paper Flower Balls

 Decor,DIY (Do-It-Yourself),Floral Designs,Wedding Products Tags: tissue flower balls, tissue paper balls, tissue paper flower balls, tissue paper flower poms, tissue paper pom poms, tissue pom poms -Tissue Paper Fairy Flower Balls DIY Kits are the latest best selling special event supply to be offered by YUYAO WANJI Wholesale ( These 14″ flower balls, also known as fairy balls, instantly add a burst of color and whimsy to your special event. Offered in over 30 vibrant colors, these stylish flower poms poms are perfect for for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, and even as room decor. Ultra lightweight, our bulk Fairy Flower Balls can easily be hung from ceilings, patios, walls and even trees.
DIY Tissue Paper Flower Pom Poms Tutorial. Follow these steps to create your own magical flower ball pom poms using YUYAO WANJI Wholesale’s Fairy Balls DIY Kit.
1.Your DIY Fairy Balls kit includes 2 sets of pre-cut tissue paper and floral wire.

2.Accordion style fold the paper. Crease with each fold.

3.Gather the folded tissue paper and bend in center.

4.Fold floral wire in half, and slip wire over center of folded tissue; twist tightly. Tie ribbon or wire for hanging, if desired.

5.Separate each layer, pulling away from the center.

6.For best results, pull away layers from the top and bottom of one side before moving on to the next side.

7.The end result is a fully fluffed Tissue Paper Fairy Ball! Hang with ribbon or fishing wire (monofilament).



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