How to curl ribbons

How to curl ribbons

How to curl ribbons

1)Begin by cutting a 12 inch (30.5cm) length of curling ribbon.

2)Examine the ribbon. Notice the original curl of the ribbon and which is the shiny and

which is the dull side.

3)Grasp the ribbon at one end between the forefinger and the thumb; have the dull side

facing the ground.

4)Open the scissors with other hand and hold the scissors upwards (contrary to what you

normally do with scissors) - have the blade facing upwards, open and wrap your fingers

around the middle of the blades and handles with thumb along one blade edge.

5)Press blade firmly against the dull underside of the ribbon with the thumb.

6)Pull the ribbon across scissor blade while continuing to press with the thumb.

7)Release the ribbon from the scissor blade and the curling ribbon will spiral up.


a) If the ribbon did not curl properly the first time, repeat procedure making sure to use the

scissor blade on the same side to strengthen the curl.

b) Curl multiple pieces of curling ribbon and attach together with a piece of wire in the middle

and affix to any gift package.

c) It helps to pay close attention when having your gifts wrapped professionally at Christmas

time;watch the method used by the wrappers to curl the ribbon.

d) Pressing harder on one edge of the ribbon as you pull it across the scissors will curl it better

and tighter.

Be careful with the scissors when cutting or when pressing your thumb against the blade to curl
the ribbon!

Things You'll Need:
Curling Ribbon
Small amount of thin wire (twist ties usually abound in the home and are free)

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