Frugal fashion gift packaging --- Pull Bows

What do you like to do more - receive or give presents? I like both. The main thing is that presents that you make or get should be properly and stylishly packed. You know what I'm saying - all these colored, bright, sparkling and playing pull bows, boxes and packing paper.

Still it is very pleasant to give presents! But you have to choose presents using your fantasy because every our close person, husband, wife, children, parents, friends have their own habits, peculiarities and preferences. A wrongly chosen present can offend a person or make him upset, that's why the choice of a present is a very important task.

Usually you don't face any problems while choosing a present for friends and relatives because you know their preferences, needs and tastes. But it is important to determine the character of a present: if it is formal, it is usually flowers, souvenirs or candy, if you decided to present a thing that will be useful in housekeeping, ask advice of other people who are going to give presents because you can buy similar things. Unfortunately many people decide to give money as a present. Remember! If a book is a best present (according to one proverb), the money is the worst present! Of course there are exceptions for example when a person asked to give him money as a present himself or if you know that money for this person is now more important than a present. In all the other cases never give money! It shows that you didn't even try to think about the person and a present that would suit him. But if you still decided to present money, never give it without an envelope and a birthday card, besides you can stick small pull bows on envelope or card to make present at least more festive.

If you want to touch a person and make him happy, you should put all your soul in the present. It may be a family relic, or even a thing that is made with your own hands. Many people think that it is stupid, but it's not true. When a person can afford buying anything that you can buy him himself, he doesn't need it, he needs care and attention. And a thing made by you will be evaluated more expensive than any other thing. Believe me! That's why cards made by children, with their crooked writing and drawings are much more precious for any mother that a card bought in a store. It will be great if you know what a person dreamt about and you can buy it for him. Another touching present is a photo album made with your own hands. You can imagine some story, following the pages of which an addressee will remember all the best moment of his life. You can write inscriptions near the photo, fortunately, modern technologies are on a high level now and allow doing this with the help of a computer. There are special programs that are easy to use. The final stage will be packing of your present in a beautiful paper with big or small pull bows.

It becomes more difficult to choose a present for an unfamiliar person. It will be better if you find out beforehand what this person likes and, that is more important, what he dislikes. Ask about his hobbies and try to please him with your present. Watch this person's behavior and may be it will help you to choose a present. If a person always tells you about the movies he watched or the music he heard, or the theater plays he visited, buy him a ticket to the play or a movie or on the concert of his favorite singer.

Nowadays there is a modern tendency to make presents with some implication. This tradition appeared in Medieval times when different kinds of flowers for example meant different things. But all the symbols may be read differently that's why it is better to follow your heart.

One more thing that should be remembered, if your present is not so great or expensive, don't worry, wrap it in a beautiful paper, use some pull bows and it will make your present better.



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