Where to Buy Cellophane

Many retail stores sell cellophane, but you may find that some of those stores stock it during certain occasions and not all year round.
For example, cellophane is plentiful around Easter and Christmas.
During Easter, you'll find cello on rolls in pink, yellow, blue, and green colors at dollar and discount stores.
At holiday time when people are making gifts for Thanksgiving and Christmas, more craft and card stores make cellophane available alongside wrapping paper.
Here's a list of places to find cellophane:
  • Craft stores (Michaels, AC Moore)
  • Card and candy shops, especially in strip and large malls
  • Dollar stores
  • Nationwide all-purpose retailers (KMart, Target, Walmart)
  • Floral wholesale suppliers (for business owners)
Your region may be home to general and specialty stores not listed above that also sell cellophane.
The following Web sites can also help you find cellophane, bows, ribbon, tissue, and other gift supplies in your area:


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