How to make easy 3D anaglyph eye glasses

How to make  easy 3D anaglyph eye glasses

Material required for the 3D eye glasses:
-Knives and scissors
-cello tape
-cardboard or carton
-red and blue cellophane paper
-The materials are sold in stationary shops.
- cut a rectangle of 14 cm of length for 4,5 cm of height
- cut both sides for the lens and in the middle for the nose space
Let a margin around the lens of 6 mm
- cut the cellophane paper slightly bigger than the lens hole
- with the cello-tape, glue the lens all around the paper eye glass
- repeat the same procedure for the blue lens
Don’t forget that:
- the red lens is for the left eye
- the blue lens is for the right eye
Now you are ready to see at 3 dimensions!



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