How to use cellophane/cello roll or sheet/cello wrap gift bags to make gifts look great

How to use cellophane/cello roll or sheet/cello wrap gift bags to make gifts look great
I used to think the only way to wrap a gift or fruit basket was to buy some wrapping paper and tape it up.
Now I don’t know whether it is age or something else entirely, but nowadays I am getting a bit more creative with wrapping gifts or fruit basket . I must admit though, it still took me a while to understand the value of cello gift bags.
Surprise! You can see right through it!
This is what I could never understand when it came to cello gift bags. It was almost like someone thought, “I know, I’ll buy a really nice gift for my friend/aunt/partner/whoever, and then I’ll pop it in a see through bag to surprise them.”
Isn’t the unwrapping of the gift the whole point? Otherwise what happens to the excitement of the unwrapping part?
You can see why it took me a while to catch on here.
The surprise is in the presentation
If you are thinking about using cello gift bags for any reason, you need to think of them as the grand flourish to giving a gift. Instead of giving a somewhat plain parcel that can be unwrapped, you can give a real presentation – your gift is wrapped and finished beautifully, usually trimmed off with ribbons as well. Can you imagine how delighted you would be to receive such a gift, even though you could instantly see what it was?
I’ve cottoned on to the idea of using cello sheet or cello gift bags now, and if the gift is a special one I do use them to add an extra degree of finery to the present.
Cello gift bags come in all shapes and sizes – and there are lots of ways to use them
The good news is that you can buy these cell sheet, cello roll and cello gift bags in all manner of different shapes and sizes. For example some of them are tall and thin and are ideal for putting wine bottles and champagne bottles in. All you have to do is to pop the bottle inside, gather in the cellophane and tie a length of ribbon around the top in a bow.
Smaller bags are great for kids parties as well. You can use them instead of normal party or loot bags if you have older kids to cater for. They can also be used at weddings and other get togethers if you want to provide every guest with a small assortment of sweets to have.

And you cannot beat the huge cellophane gift bags that are ideal for putting large baskets inside. You’ll probably have seen these before, they are commonly used with gift baskets that are full of food and alcohol.

But now you know that you can buy cellophane gift bags, you can also create your own gift baskets instead of paying for a company to make them up for you. There is arguably no better gift than a home made gift basket that has been made especially with one particular person in mind.
 ... and a bows and ribbons to finish it off.
How could you make use of cello sheet and cello gift bags?
Once you start using them you will find lots of different ways to make the most of them to present a special gift to someone. Finding suppliers of cello gift bags couldn’t be easier either – just Google the phrase and you will see lots of possibilities coming back at you.




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