How to use Emergency survival blanket (heat preservation blanket or cold-proof blanket) and function

How to use Emergency survival blanket (heat preservation blanket or cold-proof  blanket) and function

Size: 83 "X52"
Material: polyester film + aluminized coating
Thickness: 0.012 mm
Weight: About 50g
Receive volume: 11 * 8 * 1.5 cm
A silver thin film, after folding only in the palm of your hand, the key moment could save you and trouble, in the low temperature environment, put on it to keep their own 80% of the heat is not to send out, strong reflective, easier to rescue the researchers found that, rainy days can be used as rain cape, when sleeping, can directly or on the ground covered mat be moistureproof mat. As an essential tool jungles. If you because accident and lost equipment into despair, pocket this piece of thin life-saving blanket can hold up your confidence, protect you support to rescue coming.
This product is an international emergency rescue is necessary article, Japan emergency supplies necessary one of the box, suitable for outdoor adventure, investigate, tourism, disasters occur use. Easy to carry, small, beautiful and practical. Suggestions in the side or bags standing.

First aid blanket use circumstance:

1, accident after the accident, can use emergency blanket cover body, prevent the temperature fell sharply;
2, vehicle in the cold or broke down at night, can be used for emergency blanket body warm;
3, first aid blanket can make reflection film, sends a signal to the rescuer;
4, in rainy day, first aid blanket can be used as YuPi; Can open canopy do;
5, the summer sun direct parking, use emergency blanket cover car front windscreen, the car can reduce the heat;
6, a sleeping bag with a first aid blanket, heat preservation is very good;
7, camping or the picnic can when moistureproof mat.
Emergency survival blanket or First aid blanket also known as heat preservation blanket or cold-proof blanket in international widely used in mountain climbing, fire protection, rescue and military. Actually very simple, general is a piece of aluminum-plastic composite film, the weight is light, also more than ten grams left and right sides. Then someone asked, so light of a thing ever have much use?
Let's look at first aid blanket range and principle. First aid blanket is mainly applied in cold places, the purpose is to prevent the human body temperature too low temperature appear lost and cause death, so common in emergency ascend snow mountain, water after he was rescued after, with emergency blanket including body. See that someone will ask, just said is a layer of composite membrane, how can warm? Next we see warm principle.
Warm mainly there are two ways to keep warm, one way is to add a layer of warm, warm layer is generally some fluffy material, after the inclusion of fleeciness air in the object surface to form a layer of air flow. And the air itself is a poor conductor of heat, so can play a certain role of warm, general down wear, cotton is use this way to keep warm. The second way is hot reflex to keep warm. By using high reflective materials will be thermal radiation reflected back. We all know that white clothes than black clothes to cool off, is because white reflection than black is strong, can reflect the sun go back. And first aid blanket is combined with the use of the two principles. Lu: su membrane of the aluminum film a role is to ensure that the human body surface layer of the stability of air flow, its most main role is high aluminum is reflective materials, can send out the human body to reflect the heat radiation, thermal efficiency is as high as the reflection 90% above. This effectively reduce the speed of the human body heat. Because the aluminum belongs to the metal, so it's easy to tear, strength is not high. So the main purpose plastic composite increase the toughness and the intensity of the emergency blanket.

Usually for the long emergency blanket in two meters or so, this size is in order to be able to completely wrapped in the body. Also some emergency blanket simply make it the envelope of the sleeping bag appearance, the key directly it with people. And of a folded blanket only half in the palm of your hand first aid, only a few mm thickness also just. Bag such a thing, not a whiff of burdensome.
First aid blanket on what the outdoors to what kind of use when? Snow mountain to climb the purpose here need not say, be sure it is necessary and carry things. While general outdoor actually should also be a hand.

Winter when you go out, once the bad weather and sleeping bags temperature and not, on the one hand we can put the first aid carpet shop in tents. Also a kind of method is to use emergency blanket included in the sleeping bag outside, can let you have a comfortable sleep. Summer, if carelessly fall into water, or when heavy rains, all wet, first aid blanket benefit is even completely bubble into the water, as long as the use of the open water shaking off, a bit does not affect the heat preservation effect. Rain, also can be used to set up an emergency temporary tent, or temporary YuPi to use. And no matter the winter or summer, once appear beyond, without any equipment and need to spend the night in the mountains, first aid blanket is your sleeping bags. To provide for life to a more security.

Such things, although small, the key can have such purposes, each to prepare a, for life is a many insurance, let we can more happy, assured to enjoy outdoor good time.



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