The bouquet of roses packing method

Roses symbolize love, today I teach you how to keep love wrapped up. Look at the pictures:

Tools/raw material magic materials:
A) Take material: rose
B) Other: cardboard, suction pipe, paper wrapping, clear cello film, printed cello film or cellophane film, pull bows, small adorn etc..


1. The cardboard back in the ground floor, Shear become square, Paste on white paper, Fold into become groove shape.

2. Deserve to go up again other color wrapping paper on board, the more administrative levels change 

3. Put the Lord rose flower, match again with other flowers and leaves, branches with small conduit to 
foot and bibulous.

3. Then put into a flower have high coordination feeling, bundle, end the paper first wrap it up a little bit.

5. Then wrap them a piece of transparent cellophane film, all along the cardboard, then match on other 
color wrapping paper.

6. A layer of a layer of packaging and take a color wrapping paper inclined to put, more change and lively.

7. Can use a stapler slight fixed, beneficial to the packing.

8. Reuse spare wrapping paper before match colors to see.

9. If feel packaging got enough level, can be used for tied together.

10. Tape bundle, adjust the wrapping paper.

11. In wrapping paper packaging layer upon layer bouquet, plus a little red hearts and on the pull bow.

12, That is a bunch of exquisite into generous single flowers!

Want whole to be creative, and especially in the packaging think of opportunely, in addition to use all sorts of wrapping paper, also can use other accessories, such as dead branches, iron aluminium wire, gold green, little love, bear, small adorn article, believe that will have different creative feeling.
Color schemes...

To the whole bunch of flowers look a very interesting or alternative style, color matching is also very important, blue series and red series or mix build, believe that give a person the feeling of must be very different, can according to choose Lord flowers or to express feelings, to decide how to match colors.


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